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Fred in his wine roomOur primary business is selling VintageView® wine racks and helping folks design wine rooms, but we also feature Breezaire wine room coolers and a line of recycled wine barrel products.  Our company, Bracksco (d/b/a Bracksco Wine Nook), was formed in 2003 and is owned by Fred Brack.  Our office (not a storefront) is located at 8505 Davishire Dr, Raleigh, NC, 27615, our principal place of business.  Most products are shipped directly from the manufacturers or our print shop.

We are one of the earliest factory authorized distributors for VintageView wine racks, manufactured by Wine Master Cellars™ of Colorado, and we are the largest independent distributor in the country.  We sell directly to retail customers (including homeowners, restaurants, and wine or liquor stores) and builders or installers in all 50 US states and Canada.  We can ship to Canada and refer customers to a European affiliate.

We chose to distribute VintageView wine racks because we were impressed by the visibility they give to the entire wine bottle, and we have converted our own wine cellar to VintageView racks.  Wine labels are sometimes beautiful works of art, as well as informative; and displaying the label eliminates that frustration of not being able to find a certain bottle easily.  We cool our wine room with a Breezaire cooler, so we sell what we own.

We later expanded our product line to include products made from recycled wine barrels, plus a large line of personalized wine-related items which we dropped in May 2014.

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