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Bracksco is pleased to offer you a line of products made from recycled oak wine barrels.  Each of these products is unique in that individual markings and small imperfections in the wood add character to your purchase.  No two products are identical.  Wood coloration can vary.  The bottoms are charred and wine-stained.  Don't be surprised if you can still smell the wine!  Here are the products we offer, some of which can be personalized.

Signs  Lazy Susan  Ring Top Lazy Susan  Barrel Top Tray
Wall Art  Candle Holders Cookbook Holder (New)
Stave Server  Cheese/Cracker Server  Bread Board
Wine Rack (New) Wine Bottle Holders  Tables  Stool

SPECIAL:  BUY TWO, and the second ships FREE!
(Same address; value to $20; tables and stools excluded)

  • Originality:  Each product is made from an original, recycled oak wine barrel -- nothing fake or substituted like the competition!  The markings are real.
  • Finishes:  Natural (wood cleaned up, but no finish at all), or stained (Red Oak or Golden Pecan)
  • Hangers:  Upon request, each Lazy Susan product can be ordered just as the barrel tops, no Lazy Susan mechanism, but with a hanger for wall mounting.

Your customer service is excellent and appreciated!

Wine Sign

See separate page describing our barrel stave Wine Signs!
(These can be personalized, too...)

Lazy Susan Stained Lazy Susan Natural
Wine Barrel Top Lazy Susan, Stained - $99

These are made from the tops of wine barrels.  They come in natural or stained (by default as shown in Red Oak, or upon request in Golden Pecan, below), with or without brands (as shown, no charge, see notes below), can be personalized (shown right), and contain the original barrel maker's markings.  About 23" in diameter, 15 lbs.

Wine Barrel Top Lazy Susan, Natural - $99

This picture shows the natural finish on the Lazy Susan, plus the barrel maker's markings, plus a stenciled personalization (extra fee, see notes below).  About 23" in diameter.  Note that you may order the Lazy Susans just as a barrel top (for hanging, for example) as noted above.


Ring Top Lazy Susan Barrel Art
Wine Barrel "Ring Top" Lazy Susan - $126

This Lazy Susan only comes in natural, and it has the added beauty of the metal ring from the top of the barrel.  Personalization and brands are available.  Really unique - our personal favorite!  23-26" in diameter, 23 lbs.  (See the natural light photos below...)
CAUTION:  This is a very large item!  Make sure you or your gift recipient has the space for it, as returns are costly.

Wine Barrel "Ring Top" Wall Art - $126

This is a Ring Top Lazy Susan without the Lazy Susan mechanism.  Instead, the inside is built out and equipped with a hanger.  You can order it plain, as shown above, with one or two free brands, or with three lines of personalization (fee).  23-26" in diameter, 3-4" deep, 23 lbs.  Sits flush to wall.  It cannot be stained, and the photo above has more of a golden tone than most barrel tops actually show.

I received the Lazy Susan today and it is beautiful.  Thanks!
I just received the Lazy Susan and wanted to let you know that it exceeded my expectations.
Our Susan showed today and she is lovely!  [We] would highly recommend this product!
Your product and customer service are the best. I've given your company name to several friends after seeing how beautiful my lazy Susan is.
Stain Comparison
Serving Tray
Stain Comparison (L to R):
Red Oak, Natural, Golden Pecan

Note:  Photos show products in different lights, so colors may vary based both on lighting and the particular barrel's wood and grain.  The Red Oak, in particular, is likely to be darker than shown above.

Wine Barrel Top Serving Tray - $107

The serving tray is available either natural (as shown) or stained.  Like the Lazy Susan, it features barrel maker's markings, can have optional brands, or be personalized.  It is about 23" in diameter.  SEE NOTE BELOW regarding food touching the surface.


It [tray] is magnificent looking, I will be so excited to see the couple open their gift!
I received my wine tray last week.  Just want to tell you that it's just beautiful
and will make a perfect gift for our friends. 
A Note Regarding Food Touching The Above Products

The professionally photographed Serving Tray above shows food touching the surface.  Dry foods are OK on untreated surfaces, but food oils will leave marks.  A stained surface will be more resistant.  In general, put foods in dishes, and do not cut on the surface!

Banded Candle Staves Banded Votive Stave
 5-Light Banded Candle Wine Staves - $49
36"; L-R: Natural, Stained, Rustic
(Rustic means raw, no marks cleaned up)
 Single Votive Wine Stave Candle Holder
$29 for One; Two for $49
14"; Natural (front), Stained, Rustic (not shown)
All candle products include the glass holders and candles or tealights
Candle Holder
Reversed Candle Holder
Mini Candleholder
Wine Barrel Stave Candle Holder
Seven Light - $49
Five Light (Regular or Reversed) - $45

Top:  Stained or Natural, 7 tea lights in glass votives, about 36" long.  Bottom:  Stained or Natural (except Reversed as shown only Natural), 5 tea lights, about 33".

MINI Wine Barrel Stave Candle Holder
Five Light - $43
Three Light - $39

Stained or Natural, 3 or 5 tea lights in glass votives; partial stave, 24" long.

I just want to thank you and your vendor for such good and quick service.  The wine stave candle holder is beautiful!
New!  Cookbook Holder  New!
Cookbook Holder - $79 & $94

This is one BEAUTIFUL, heavy duty cookbook holder, made from real wine barrel staves.
It is banded at the top and has a 1-3/4" deep shelf at the bottom for the cookbook.
One-line PERSONALIZATION is optional at $15 extra.
Dimensions may vary but are approximately 16" tall by 12-1/2" wide and 10" deep.

Stave Server and Cheese Board Cheese Board Closeup
Wine Barrel Stave Server - $39
(24" x 3.5", 3 8-oz cups, 3 paddles)
Cheese and Cracker Board - $39
(Approx 22" x 5"; from top of barrel; may have complete or partial barrel maker's mark)
COMBO:  $75 for the pair (and pay shipping for one - total $90)
Natural with Food Grade Mineral Oil, no branding or personalization available.
Note in the right picture above that for the Cheese and Cracker Board,
the center board from the barrel may be used (second board), or
the one on either side of center may be sent, showing part of the maker's mark.
As you see, the sides may cut for interlacing, or holes for pegs may be present.
In the rear of the photo you see the charred and wine-stained inside of the
barrel on the underside of the stave server.  The 3 supplied paddles
are made from slices through the barrel, so one side will probably be
stained also, and they may have a slight curve.
New!  Wine Rack  New! Bread Board
5-Bottle Barrel Stave Wine Rack - $89

This unique wine rack is made from two full-size wine barrel staves.  It holds five bottles horizontally in real metal barrel rings.  Comes natural or stained in red oak (shown) or golden pecan.  36" tall.

Wine Barrel Top Bread Board - $69

This bread board is finished with a food-safe stain and comes with a leather strap for hanging.  It can be branded (as shown) but not personalized (due to the cutting surface).  Size approx 22" x 12".  (Note:  you can order this product personalized for use as a sign, but the food-safe stain will not be used and food should not be placed on the product.)

Arch Wine Bottle Holder X Wine Bottle Holder
Arched Stave Wine Bottle Holder - $59

Two barrel staves make an artistic resting place for your wines, properly stored on their sides.  Natural or stained (Red Oak only), about 36" long.  We can put a brand or logo on the end -- ask for a photo, if interested.

X-Stave Wine Bottle Holder - $59

Here the two barrel staves are reversed against each other, so you just have to center the bottles a bit more carefully!  Natural or stained (Red Oak only), about 36" long.

Note for the Wine Bottle Holders
We can laser one or two lines at the end of the staves
(bottom stave, in the case of the X-Stave).
All caps, 15 char max/line, cost is $30.


Bistro Table End Table

Wine Barrel Bistro Table - $175 and End Table - $150

What a cute table either one of these would be in your wine room or the corner of a dining room or entertainment area!  Natural or stained, with the same options for branding and personalization as mentioned elsewhere.  NOTE:  The Bistro Table is oversized per UPS/FedEx and requires an extra $25 shipping fee over that of the End Table.  Worst case (except AK & HI):  $70 versus $45 for the End Table to the East Coast.  The regular End Table is about 25"H x 23"W.  The Bistro Table is about 36"H x 23"W .

Stool Stool, Golden Pecan
Wine Barrel Stool - $159

23"-28" tall (you specify), 13" top, 16-17" at the base;
natural (left above) or stained (Golden Pecan right),
with or without branding (left) or personalization (right)
(personalization for this item limited to 10 chars/line)

Call us if you wonder if we can create another barrel-stave product for you.  There are other options available like personalized wine glass hangers and coat racks, bottle storage inside a half wine barrel, etc.  Photos on request.


Barrel Maker's Marks (Cooperage):  These original markings (shown below) are included by default on each product involving a barrel top.  They are typically 2-4" in diameter, top center, although they may also appear at the bottom and to the side (as in the picture of pecan stain further down the page).  The markings can be burned in, stenciled, or even be a metal medallion.  They will most likely be in French, as there are very few American barrel makers.  (The second one shown, Sequin Moreau, is actually in Napa.)  Upon request, you may also order a product with the markings removed.

Barrel Maker's Marks

Brands:  On most products involving a barrel top, you can have any of the following words branded on one line, with a maximum of two lines total, as you see "CABERNET SAUVIGNON" above.  Not available if you personalizeOptional, no extra charge.


Lazy Susan Personalization:  For an extra charge of $17.50, you can have up to three lines of text STENCILED on, as shown in the natural Lazy Susan in the product listing ("WILD ROSE RANCH").  Each line has a 15 character limit, including punctuation and spaces.  (We can do a fourth line for $7 additional.  Under some circumstances, we can do over 15 characters.)  Stenciled text is only available in the font shown, all caps, 3/4" high, black paint -- just like the wineries do.  (Special requests can get expensive - call if this option really won't do for you ...)

 Golden Pecan stain
Golden Pecan stain; the MT+ is part of the barrel maker's mark

Shipping:  Shipping will be via UPS Ground (unless you request faster shipping) to the USA only.  Each item is made to order, and actual shipment will be in a week to 10 days of your order.  Ground shipping fees are as follows (and we subsidize these in almost every case):

  • Bread Board, Cheese and Cracker Board, Candle Holders:  $10
  • Lazy Susan, Stave Server, Combo Set, Cookbook Holder, Wine Bottle Holders:  $15
  • Ring Top Lazy Susan, Wall Art, Barrel Tray:  $20
  • End Table and Stool:  call
  • Express shipping available at cost, or ship any product on your own account
  • See our standard return policy

SPECIAL:  BUY TWO, and the second ships FREE!
(Same address; value to $20; tables and stools excluded)

 Call 888-327-0637 Mon to Fri 9am to 6pm ET
(In Raleigh, NC, and outside USA, please call 919-847-1201.)

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