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The following items are being discontinued by Bracksco or are overstocks, special purchases, or one-of-a-kind samples.  If you order multiple items from this page, we may be able to offer you savings on combined postage, depending on the items involved.  MANY ITEMS SHIP FREE!

Items purchased from this page are not subject
to our minimum purchase requirement

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Decantus PourerDecantus Aero Pourer
$15.95 Special Purchase w/Free Shipping

Aerate Your Wine As You Pour!  This product uses the Bernoulli effect where the reduced pressure of a stream of fluid draws in an air flow through diagonal thin tubes.

We're using this ourselves, and it is much easier than the kind you hold in hand or put on a stand.

Just one left - order now!

Call 888-327-0637 to order!

Bottle WoozieBottle Woozie ($12-15 on Amazon)
$5.95 Special Purchase w/Free Shipping

We picked up a few singles at a wholesaler's warehouse sale ... and now there is only one left.  They are black, each one packed in cellophane.  Push your wine bottle in this neoprene sack, pull the drawstring tight, and carry it loose or by the drawstring.  Unlike Built NY totes, these allow the bottle stand up.  Neat!  One only left.  Shipping:  free.

Call 888-327-0637 to order!

Ceramic Wine ChillerHand-Painted Ceramic Wine Cooler ($19 MSRP)
$9.95 Special Purchase (47% off MSRP)


Hand-painted ceramic by Raleigh artist Carol Fountain Nix ($19 on her website).  Each one slightly different.  DW & MW safe. 

Put the cooler in the freezer and pull it out to keep a bottle of wine chilled on the table.  The box is slightly scuffed, but the cooler is perfect.  Shipping:  $7.  Just one available.

Call 888-327-0637 to order!

Drip CollarPlain Drip Collar
$2.95 Special Purchase

Don't let that red wine drip onto the table -- stop the drip with a drip collar!  These brushed stainless steel drip collars normally run about $5 each, but we picked up a few we can sell you for much less.  Shipping is free if you order with another product on this page, or $1 each otherwise.  Just a few available.

Call 888-327-0637 to order!

  Wine GuideEssential Wine Tasting Guide - $10.95 - $3.95 w/Free Shipping

This pocket-sized gem unfolds into a 34 mini-page 9" x 12" guide to the tastes, aromas, and textures of all major varietals with topics such as wine color, wine grape varieties, faults, aromatic descriptors, and tactile descriptors.  It's around $11 if ordered from the publisher in Australia, but we'll even ship it for free -- just $3.95 each, each additional one $1.95!

Call 888-327-0637 to order!

Wine CoolerGuy Buffet's "The Charge of the Bottle Brigade"
Wine Bottle Cooler
$9.95 Special Purchase w/Free Shipping
(33% off - $14.99 elsewhere)

Paris-born Guy Buffet is one of America's most popular artists, and this famous image is available on a wine bottle cooler.  Just slip the cooler over a bottle to cool it down or decrease the speed of warming up.

Just one left.  Shipping is free.

Call 888-327-0637 to order!

VintageView Wine Racks

Brand New Vintage View Wine Racks - Now 50% off

WS41 wine rackWe have a brand new wine rack which we will add to the clearance at 50% off.  This is a WALL MOUNTED rack with a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer.  Add $7 for shipping -- total $55 delivered.

  • WS41, nickel, 4' high, 1 bottle deep, holds 12 bottles.  Only 1 left.  $45 ea.  This is the "old style," shinier rack.  (The current version is $96.)

Call 888-327-0637 to order!

Comparison of nickel racks

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