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We will be discontinuing our line of personalized wine accessories from Franmara at the end of April, except for reorders from existing customers.  Please get your orders in now!  Thank you.

Franmara Authorized DealerWhile we don't offer these wine bottle openers individually (with a few higher-priced exceptions), we offer all of the corkscrews (wine keys) pictured on this page (and many more) custom imprinted (personalized) with your text, with or without a logo.  We can also bulk order these or other corkscrews and wine accessories for you without imprinting -- call for prices and minimums.  A few of the corkscrews can be ordered in small quantities, individually personalized (ideal for groomsmen gifts, for example) -- look for the highlighted text.

The Corkscrews arrived this morning and are perfect! Thank you for your excellent service. (Dec '11)

Capitano  Boomerang  Pulltap's/DuoLever  Laguiole  Donatello  Michelangelo  Plastic  Packaging

"Thanks so much for all your help. It's so nice not to work with a giant corporation!"

Font Finder

Experiment with fonts to find what you want.  Click the link above, then either type the name of the font you want to try on the top line, or look at the examples on the page.  You can overtype the second line with the exact text you want to use.


  • All imprinting orders (except "individually personalized") have a one-time setup charge of $39; reorders do not incur this charge.  You receive an electronic proof as part of paying this fee (no proofs with individual personalization).
  • Shipping is at cost, your account or ours, in 2-3 weeks.
  • "($)" after a description means that additional variations of the model shown are available, generally at a higher cost.
  • Imprinting is Hot Stamp unless otherwise mentioned.  If Screen Print (also known as Pad Print) is specified, this is better if a graphic is involved.
  • MINIMUM QUANTITIES are as shown individually below!  Sorry, we cannot imprint any lower number per corkscrew.  When Laser engraving is available, minimum quantity drops to 36 unless otherwise stated.
  • Prices are subject to change and will be confirmed upon ordering.  Pricing and quantities last updated 9/10/13.

Non-Waiter's Style Corkscrews (from plastic to fancy)
are at the bottom of this page,
as are packaging items for corkscrews

Corkscrew Style Description Unit Cost
per Qty
(includes imprint)
Pricing Explanation (last column):  Cost per item when ordering that number or more.  For example:  $4.95 / 72 means the minimum order quantity is 72, and each imprinted corkscrew will cost $4.95 when 72 to 143 are ordered, then the price drops to the price specified at the next level.
Capitano 2016 Capitano
Extra long handle (5-3/8"), with elongated spiral for long corks.  A sturdy, feels-good-in-the-hand corkscrew!

Colors:  Dark Blue, Burgundy, Dark Green, Ivory, Red, White, Lemon, Mango (Orange), Raspberry (Pink), Baby Pink, Grape, Turquoise, Lime, and Black.
  2017 Translucent Series Colors:  Red, Blue, Green.
Hot Stamp
$5.10 /   72
$4.95 / 144
$4.45 / 600
Radiant Capitano 2015 Radiant Capitano
Same as above but with high gloss finish -- a Bracksco favorite!

Colors:  Silver Cloud, Shale Blue (graphite, very dark), Nugget Gold, Imperial Blue (bright), Vineyard Green (shown), Ruby Wine.  2011 Designer Series (add .20 ea):  Black & White Checker, White Marble, Burlwood.

Laser engraving shows as black.

$6.80 /   36
$6.70 / 144
$5.95 / 600

Sure Grip Capitano
(font is "Snell Roundhand Script")
2013 Sure Grip Radiant Capitano
Same as above but with a rubberized matte surface coat.  Colors:  Ruby Wine, Shale Blue (graphite), Imperial Blue (bright), Vineyard Green, Nugget Gold (shown).  Laser engraving shows as black.  Gold is an especially good match and popular for wedding favors!

See a photo of this item being lasered
See a video of this item being lasered

$6.95 /   36
$6.85 / 144
$6.20 / 600
Capitano Series (above and below):

What's the Difference?
The difference in appearance is that the 2016 surface is semi-gloss, the 2015 is high gloss (but like a pearl coat finish), while the 2013 is flat (matte) and feels less slick.  All the Capitanos can be ordered with nickel plated or Teflon coated spirals and nickel or black boot levers (same price).  They are all assembled here in the USA, and they are packaged 12 to a box.  Individual plastic bagging is available at 10 cents each, or see other packaging options below.

The size of the imprint area on all Capitanos is 2-3/4"x5/16".  You can use two lines, but the print will obviously be smaller.  You can also print on both sides.

Chrome Capitano 2010 Chrome Capitano

Chrome plated; laser engrave only.

$6.90 /   36
$6.75 / 144
$5.95 / 600

Oad Wood Capitano
Greenwood Capitano
2012 Wood Capitano

Resin-impregnated, wood laminated handle, made from Oak or Greenwood.

These can also be individually personalized for $14.95 each (Oak, recommended) in quantities as small as 5; $12.95 each for 11 or more.  They are the only Capitano corkscrews that can be personalized this way.

$11.40  / 36
$9.40 /  144
$8.90 /  600

Subtract $1.00
from above

The Corkscrews look great, the quality and size is better than I expected.  I know everyone will appreciate receiving them....and using them!  (re 2016 Capitano, Oct '12)

They looked great and everyone at the reunion really liked them.  (re 2015 Radiant Capitano)

They ... look perfect.  I couldn't have hoped for them to look any better.  Thank you so much!  (re 2013 Sure Grip Capitano)

The pieces are wonderful!  Many thanks!!!


Oblique Corkscrew 2005 Oblique
Traditional waiter's corkscrew, but made with a unique 13° angle of the spiral which works with the curved handle to make cork removal effortless.  Black, Burgundy, and White.  5-3/8" long.

(We've tried it, and it really works!)

Hot Stamp
$5.70 /   72
$5.55 / 144
$4.95 / 600
Waiter's corkscrew, straight 2025 Waiter’s Straight
Traditional waiter's corkscrew, nickel plated, 4-5/16" long, made in Italy.
Screen Print
$6.10 /   72
$5.95 / 144
$5.25 / 600

$6.50 /   36
$6.35 / 144
$5.70 / 600

Prestigio in colors
Personalized Prestigio
3185 Prestigio Waiter's
Anodized colors, made in Italy.  Nicely balanced.  Satin finish is smooth to the touch.  Stainless boot lever and serrated blade.  Uni-body aluminum handle.  5" long.  Available in Black, Burgundy, Dark Blue, and Dark Green.  Engraving appears whitish.

These can also be individually personalized for $15.95 each in quantities as small as 5; $13.95 each for 11 or more.

$11.55/   36
$10.40/ 144
$9.60  / 600

"I just wanted to thank you for the fabulous work done on the engraving for my corkscrew order. I have received nothing but rave comments on how nice they are. Truly appreciate your help and support!"  (Signed, "A very satisfied customer", re the Waiter's Straight above)

Wine Steward 2018 Wine Steward
European style with cap lifter.  Black or Burgundy.  5-7/8" long.
Hot Stamp
$4.80 /   72
$4.65 / 144
$4.15 / 600
They arrived today and look great! (Nov '11, re Wine Steward above)
Crescent Corkscrew 2038 Crescent
Nickel plated knife.  5" long with a hand- and eye-pleasing curve.  Includes bottle opener.  Could be hung on rope or chain.  Available in Black only.  Text works best for imprint, since it needs to curve.
Hot Stamp
$4.80 /   72
$4.65 / 144
$4.15 / 600
Crescendo Corkscrew 3150 Crescendo
Crescent opening in handle axis changes forward movement to automatically increase extraction power.  Comfortable soft-touch gray rubber perimeter.  Teflon® coated worm.  Serrated blade.  Gray perimeter with interior color:  Black, Burgundy, Dark Blue, and White.  5-1/4" overall.  Made in Italy.

Hot Stamp
$5.60 /   72
$5.45 / 144
$4.85 / 600

Packaging for your corkscrew gift -- see bottom of page...
Boomerang 2034 Boomerang
Floating axis and retractable, built-in foil cutter.  Stainless Steel spiral.  Made in Italy.  Available in burgundy, white, and black.  5-5/8" long.  Larger than usual imprint area (3/8" x 2-3/4").

Model 2034T (no white) has a Teflon spiral; add $.55.  Model 2035 adds a knife blade; add $1.35.  Model 2031 adds two steps in the boot and comes in 18 colors (click to see); add $1.00.
Hot Stamp
$8.35 /   72
$7.65 / 144
$6.90 / 600

Add fees shown to left for 2034T, 2035, and 2031

Quik-Snap Boomerang Corkscrew 2028 Quik-Snap Boomerang
Same configuration as 2031 with the addition of a "Snap Out" Feature.  Push a button on the handle and both the boot lever and spiral to snap out automatically without any additional pulling!!  Colors: Black and Burgundy.  5-1/4" long.  Made in Italy.
Hot Stamp
$12.10/   72
$11.30/ 144
$10.70/ 600

Can't find what anything you like?
Check out
and let us know what you want.

Pulltaps corkscrew
Pulltaps screen print
Bottom of Pulltap's
5100 Pulltap's
Features a double boot lever to lift cork straight, contoured steel handle and serrated knife blade.  Made in Spain.  Colors (not all shown):  Black, Yellow, Red, Orange, Burgundy, White, Dark Green, Dark Blue, Silver Gray, Aqua Blue, Pink, Hazelnut, Grape, Olive, Copper.  4-3/4" long.  This is the corkscrew waiters use!

(Imprint, 1-3/4"x5/16", is on top, not on the side.  The Laser imprint generally comes out a lighter shade; e.g., dark grey on black; light grey on burgundy; but it's medium gray on silver gray.  Image to left is a screen print.)

Screen Print
$6.40 /   72
$5.80 / 144
$5.20 / 600
SEPT 2013!

$6.90 /   36
$6.15 / 144
$5.55 / 600

Pulltaps Engraved
5302 PullPlus
Stainless Steel all-in-one two-step boot lever, Teflon coated spiral.  Stainless.  5-1/8".  Boxed.

(Imprint, 2"x3/8", is on the top, not the side.  This item is also available as model 5301 in colors Black or Burgundy enameled steel; subtract $.80, pad print only.)

Pad Print
$7.65 /   72
$6.90 / 144
$6.15 / 600

$8.20 /   36
$7.25 / 144
$6.50 / 600

Duo-Lever 5405 Duo-Lever
NOTE SIMILARITY TO PULLTAP'S!  Stainless Steel hinged two-step boot lever, serrated knife blade.  A bit lighter weight than PullPlus.  4-3/4".  Boxed.  Also available: 5407 Chrome Plated (add $.90 to prices).  Ask about other variations.

(Imprint is on top, not on the side.  Nickel plated or Teflon spiral - please SPECIFY.)

Hot Stamp
$4.95 /   72
$4.80 / 144
$4.25 / 600

$5.30 /   36
$5.15 / 144
$4.65 / 600

Compare Them!
Pulltap's, PullPlus, Duo-Lever
Top-to-Bottom:  PullPlus, Duo-Lever, Pulltap's
Note:  The Duo-Lever is shown with a metal spiral,
but it is normally shipped with a Teflon one.
Note:  Photo may not display properly on mobile devices ...

"They are wonderful and exceeded expectations! You are wonderful and thanks for talking me through [the design options]."  (re PullTaps Jan '14)

"Got the wine openers.  They look fantastic!  I LOVE this wine opener and can't wait to give it to our vendors and clients."  (re stainless steel PullPlus above)

Plastic Pocket corkscrew 3008 Plastic Pocket
GREAT GIVEAWAY!  Inexpensive, carry anywhere.  Your choice of 22 assorted colors (shown in bone).  4-1/4" long.  Imprint 2"x1".
This is a substantial, well-built corkscrew, bigger than you might imagine!  Sorry, but 250 really is the smallest quantity available ...
Hot Stamp
$1.14 /  250
$1.11 /  500
  $.99 /1000

add $.07 ea

Traveler's 3010 Traveler's
Strong, inexpensive two-piece plastic corkscrew, foil cutter, and bottle opener, with good surface for imprinting.  5" long.  15 Colors.
Hot Stamp
$1.55 / 250
$1.49 / 500
Pouch with Pocket CorkscrewPouch with Travelers CorkscrewGet either of the above packaged with a stopper in a pouch.  You can imprint any or all of the components:  opener, stopper, or pouch.  Call for pricing and options.  Minimum order for imprinting is 250, starting at $3.60 per pouch.  You may also order these without imprinting starting at $4.95 each for 60 or more.
Two-Prong wine opener 2125 Two Prong
The wineries' preferred cork puller. Gently rocks the cork free without damaging it.  Chrome plated handle, plastic sheath.  Colors:  Black, Burgundy, Dark Blue, Dark Green, White.  Brass plated model 2126, same price.  Made in Italy.  Cheaper plastic model 2124 also available.
Hot Stamp
$6.30 /   72
$6.15 / 144
$5.55 / 600
Closeup of laser engraving 2127B Two Prong in Birch
One of the options for the two prong opener is a birch sheath, which can be laser engraved.  Chrome, with brass model also available.


$8.40 /   36
$7.45 / 144
$6.65 / 600
Rosewood Combo Opener and Stopper 2272 Combination Rosewood Handle Corkscrew and Cone Stopper
4" long, 3-1/4" handle.  1-1/2" by 3/8" engravable area.
$15.50 / 36
$14.75 / 50
$12.30/ 600
All Purpose Corkscrew in Fiberglass  2023 Multi All-Purpose in Fiberglass
A fresh new design!  In addition to a long spiral, this corkscrew features a contoured serrated knife blade, a bottle cap lifter, and a hinged wrench for champagne corks or screw tops.  Black fiberglass body.

Screen Print
$19.15 / 72
$17.75/ 144
$16.25/ 600

All Purpose Corkscrew in Aluminum  2022 Multi All-Purpose in Aluminum
Same as above in Burgundy colored Aluminum, in leather pouch with laser engraving.

These can also be individually personalized for $59.95 each in quantities as small as 5.

$54 / 36
Call for larger quantities

Laguiole Corkscrews
Click to see engraved set

Need a fancier box?
See the Wood Box below.

Laguiole in Wood Box
Beechwood or Rosewood
Stainless steel with wood insert handle.  Stainless steel worm with filet for easier insertion into the cork. 4-1/2" long.  Packaged in a wood slide box (optional - subtract $3.95 to skip).  Imprint area on boot lever 1" X 3/16"; on wood box: 3" X 1¼".  Price includes one area imprint; add $1 (plus setup) for imprinting both box and boot.

These can also be individually personalized for $21.95 in quantities as small as 5.  $19.95 ea for 11 or more.  (+$3.00 second area)

Laguiole Sample

(one area)

$16.75 / 36
$14.95 / 72

Amazing low price for Laguiole!

Everything arrived right in time and looked perfect! I appreciate all that you did to make this happen! (14 Laguiole individually engraved, May '12)

We engraved the Laguiole corkscrews above and put them in a fancier box (the Wooden Gift Box at end of this page) engraved with the client's logo, and here's what the customer said:

I just wanted to send you a thank you note. We just spoke to the client and he was very pleased with both the corkscrews and their wooden boxes. They were distributed this week in Taiwan, and he was equally impressed with the quality, weight, personalization, basically everything.
Thank you very much for making their workshop giveaway a success.
(Sept '11)

New Oct '13

Donatello Corkscrew Set

Donatello Corkscrew Set
in Sapele Wood

This corkscrew has a fine serrated blade and double boot lever (which distinguishes it from the Michelangelo below).  The handle and box are natural Sapele Mahogony.  This precision-made corkscrew requires 160 hand detailing steps to complete.  Double curved design.  Hefty, but balanced, weight makes extraction both smooth and easy.  Satin finish stainless steel parts include heavy bolster on both sides of the center wood inset, 2 inch serrated blade, wide boot lever and 5-turn spiral.  5-3/4 inches long, 1/2 inch width.  Imprint area on box:  5 inches X 1 inch; on boot lever:  1 inch x 1/4 inch.

These can also be individually personalized on 1 area for $34.95 in quantities as small as 5.  $31.95 ea for 11 or more.  Second area, $4 each.

(one area)

$27.95 / 12
$24.95 / 36

(2nd area $2.25 ea)

Great groomsmen gift!

Beechwood Michelangelo corkscrew in wooden box
Rosewood Michelangelo corkscrew in wooden box
More Photos:
Engraved Box, Engraved Boot

Michelangelo in Box
Beechwood or Rosewood
This precision-made corkscrew requires 160 hand detailing steps to complete.  Double curved design.  Hefty but balanced weight makes extraction both smooth and easy.  Satin finish stainless steel parts include heavy bolster on both sides of the center wood inset, 2" serrated blade, wide boot lever and 5-turn spiral.  5-3/4" long, 1/2" width.  Imprint area on wooden box: 5" x 1"; 1" x 1/4" on boot lever.  PLAIN:  $33 ea; $30 in qty 5.

These can also be individually personalized on 1 area for $34.95 in quantities as small as 5.  $31.95 ea for 11 or more.  Second area, $4 each.

(one area)

$27.95 / 12
$24.95 / 36

(2nd area $2.25 ea)

Very popular groomsmen gift!

The Michelangelos have arrived.  Wow these are just lovely.  (June '13)
Cepage Laguiole Set Laguiole
The Cépage and Chateau series can be individually engraved in quantities as small as five.  The olive Cépage is shown here in a gift box.  You can imprint on the corkscrew and/or box.  Costs run from $45 (plain, Blonde or Black) to $200.  The ultimate corkscrew gift!

These can also be individually personalized in quantities as small as 5.  Call for pricing.

Sample Pricing (5+ plain)
Blonde or Black Cépage $42
Leather Pouch* add $13
Box w/Pouch (shown) add $22
Wood gift box (below) add $15
Personalize any* (min 5) add $7 ea
(* pouch cannot be personalized)



Min Qty 12

One customer ordered the Cépage Laguiole set as pictured above, with multiple engravings.  Due to the size of the order, we sent her a production sample first, and here's what she had to say about it:

I received the sample today and I have to say that everything is PERFECT, logo placement, size, color, etc.

Frankly, that's what you should expect from Bracksco.  We've got a great track record.  We don't want to work with you afterwards to "make things right."

We have additional corkscrews not shown which can be individually personalized in small quantities.  Ask about the Crescendo (in Olivewood or Maple), and the more expensive models:  Ketos, La Vigne, Le Thiers, and Le Sable.

Packaging for Your Corkscrews
Wooden Gift Box

View inside

If matte black is chosen, engraved area shows as natural wood, or we can color-fill the engraving.

Wooden Gift Box
This is a beautiful choice, lined in black velvet custom fitted to your corkscrew purchase.  Comes in natural wood or matte black, and may be imprinted in quantities as small as 1.

Consider ordering this product, personalized, with a non-personalized high-end corkscrew like our Cépage line, which starts at $45.

$15 plain
$21 personalized
in qty 1-11

$16 engraved
qty 12+

(see note*)

Plastic bottle neck hanger Plastic Neck Hanger
This plastic case hangs nicely from the neck of a bottle of wine, displaying an opener.  It is 5-3/4" x 3-3/8".
$.59 /   36
$.55 / 144
$.45 / 600

If you want your corkscrews inserted by us or other items in this section, add $.15 per item

(see note*)

Velveteen Bag Velveteen Sack
Perfect for elegant gift packaging your imprinted corkscrews.  6-1/2" by 1-5/8".

Laser imprinting available!  We burn off the velveteen "fuzz," leaving a subtle imprint with a distinct texture difference.  Runs the long way on the sack, with 2" x 1-1/2" available.  Add $.79 per sack to the prices to the right.

$.89 /   36
$.79 / 144
$.69 / 600

(see note*)

Organza Bag Small Organza Bag
Thin, sheer organza fabric in nylon.  Ribbon drawstring.  6-1/2" H, 4-7/8" W.  Gold, Silver, Burgundy, White, or Black.  Useable space inside 4-1/4" x 4-7/8". 
$.69 /   50
$.59 / 144
$.49 / 600

(see note*)

Plastic Box Plastic Gift Box
Another option for packaging your imprinted corkscrews.  5-3/8" long, 1-5/8" wide, 5/8" thick.
$.39 /   36
$.35 / 144
$.31 / 600

(see note*)

A leather pouch and a clear vinyl pouch which holds a corkscrew and crumb scraper is also available.  Pictures available on request.

* NOTE:  the Packaging items above are intended to be ordered with corkscrews.  If you want to order them alone, a minimum order size and higher costs will apply.  If you want us to insert your items in packaging, a $.15 fee per item will apply.

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(In Raleigh, NC, and outside USA, please call 919-847-1201.)

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