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Custom Imprinted and Engraved Personalized Wine Bottle Stoppers


We will be discontinuing our line of personalized wine accessories from Franmara at the end of April, except for reorders from existing customers.  Please get your orders in now!  Thank you.

Franmara Authorized DealerWhile we don't offer these wine stoppers individually (unless you want a lot of them!), we can custom engrave or imprint them in quantity with your text, with or without a logo.  We can also bulk order these or other wine accessories for you without imprinting -- call for prices.  Stoppers available on this page:

Flex-Seal  Marble  Rosewood  SilverTop  Tappo  Velveteen Bag  WoodTop  Zocco

All orders have a one-time setup charge of $39; reorders do not incur this charge.  Shipping (your account or ours) is generally in two weeks.  Pricing last updated 9/10/13.

Each of the wine stoppers is Laser Engraved unless otherwise stated, and prices include the engraving.  If color fill ("w/fill") is specified, it is either required or recommended, and it takes a little longer.  Minimum quantities vary as shown.  Items are not boxed unless noted, but we offer a nice velveteen bag (below) for gift giving.

Stoppers are arranged in order of increasing price.
See a gift bag for stoppers at the bottom.
Stopper Style Description Unit Cost
per Qty
(includes imprint)
Pricing Explanation (last column):  Cost per item, imprinted, when ordering that number or more.  For example:  $2.15 / 100 means the minimum order quantity is 100, and each imprinted stopper will cost $2.15 when 100 to 143 are ordered, then the price drops to what is on the next line.
13 Flex-Seal Colors
Flex-Seal Bracksco Samples
8165 Flex-Seal Bottle Stopper

Rigid ABS top with a non-toxic, environmentally safe thermoplastic rubber flexible base.  Great sealer for wine, water, soda!  13 colors to choose from as shown left:  Black, Dark Blue, Burgundy, Red, Grape, Raspberry (Pink), Turquoise, Gold, Silver, Mango (Orange), Lime, Lemon, and White.  2-5/8" high, 1" dia. at top, imprint area 7/8" dia.  MIN 150.  $311 for 150 delivered (and that is the smallest quantity).  Stoppers come poly bagged, and a business card can fit in the bag as shown right Pointing finger

Either SAMPLE as shown, $5 delivered; both $7

Pad Print

$1.69 / 150
$1.49 / 600

Flex-Seal Stopper With Business Card


Customer Comments Regarding the Flex-Seal Stopper Above

"These are fabulous! The customers just love them, and it's a classy promotional item to be able to provide. Professional quality, beautiful print job.
Thank you so much for exceeding our expectations and delivering such a great experience." (January 2014)
"They look wonderful, my bosses are very pleased with the turnout.  I have a feeling we'll have more orders coming your way in the future!  Thank you again for rushing the order and for your great customer service, a wonderful overall experience indeed."  (August 2013)
Wood Top Stopper Samples Our Most Popular Item!

8080 Wood Top
Polished Beechwood top with tapered natural cork.  2" long, 1-1/4" round engravable area.  Perfect for wedding favors!  (100 is the smallest quantity.  Net delivered cost is $272, or $352 for 144 with setup and shipping.)  See NOTES below!
Engraved sample, including shipping, $5.

Plain:  100@$1.65; 200@$1.55; 300@$1.39 plus shipping.


$2.15 / 100
$2.05 / 144
$1.79 / 600

Some clip-art that you may include for free ...
Clip Art for Stoppers
Wood Top Stopper Samples
These are the fonts that many people choose:
Palace Script MT
on the left, Monotype Corsiva on the right.
Both fonts have an odd ampersand which we can replace.
NOTES:  The cork is oversized and does not go all the way into the bottle.
Also, these are handmade, each slightly different.  It is impossible to
guarantee that every imprint will be perfectly centered.  Packaged loose.
Customer Comments Regarding the Wood Top Stopper Above

Wood Top Stopper"We love them!!! I know they will be a big hit."

"Just wanted to let you know that the bottle stoppers were a bit hit, and they turned out very nice. Everyone was pleased - so a big thank you!!"

"Everything is AMAZING! We love the stoppers. They truly make the most unique and beautiful wedding favors I've seen, and very reasonable!"

"The stoppers arrived and WE LOVE THEM!!!!! They're perfect, perfect, perfect.  Thanks so much!!!"

"I couldn't believe how quickly the engraved stoppers were made and delivered, especially in the middle of the Thanksgiving holiday... Thanks so much for your speedy turnaround and all of your help, I am sure our guests will love them."
Rubber With Chrome Top It's back!

8077 Zocco Rubber,
Chrome Top
Flexible, tapered rubber base seals any wine bottle. 3-3/4" long, 1" by 7/8" engravable area.  Black boxes backordered as of 10/18.  Note:  engraved image will have a gold tint.

Engraved Zocco Stopper Marine Ball Zocco 2013


$6.10 /  50
$5.40 / 144
$4.85 / 600

Tappo Stopper

8079 Tappo Stopper
Stainless steel with a rubber seal above a tapered metal stem.  3" long, 1-1/8" wide.  1" by 7/8" engravable area.  Fits down nicely on the bottle (see image below).  White boxes backordered as of 10/18.


Engraved sample (3rd one shown below), including shipping, $9.


$8.95 /   50
$7.95 / 144
$7.40 / 600

Engraved Tappo Stopper in Fingers Tappo Stopper with Logo Tappo Stopper for Wedding
Courtesy Maxwell Locke & Ritter CPAs (Austin, TX) and Model Metrics (Chicago, IL).
The laser leaves an imprint looking medium to dark gray.
("The design [3rd sample] is a Chinese character. It means 'double happiness,' and is commonly used at weddings." - Irene)
"Thank you so much.  The stoppers are perfect ... It was a pleasure doing business with you." (June 3013)

"The clients were very happy with the stoppers they received yesterday." (Sep 2012)

"I just wanted to let you know that I just received the wine stoppers, and they look AMAZING! Thank you so much for all of your help."  (Jan 2008)

And we are here to help!  That's why we don't have push-button ordering.
 Black Marble  8083 Black Marble Disk
Tapered natural cork base.  1-7/8" long, 1-1/2" wide, 1" diameter engravable area on top of 3/4" thick marble disk.  See partial side view and more typical marbling in last photo on page.  Not boxed.

Normal lasering produces a greyish-white image.  For laser imprinting with color fill, we will use gold as shown, unless requested otherwise.  COLOR FILL TAKES AN EXTRA WEEK TO DRY!


$6.70 /   50
$6.25 / 144
$5.60 / 600

Laser w/fill

$8.50 /   50
$7.65 / 144
$6.90 / 600

Green Marble 8085 Green Marble Disk
Tapered natural cork base.  1-7/8" long, 1-1/2" wide, 1" diameter engravable area.  Not boxed.

Laser imprinting with color fill.  We will use gold as shown above, unless requested otherwise.  This is required for the green disk.  COLOR FILL TAKES AN EXTRA WEEK TO DRY!

Laser w/fill

$6.70 /   50
$6.25 / 144
$5.60 / 600

Silver plated stopper 9356 Silver Plated Top
Natural cork stopper with oversized 6-oz top with weighty feel.  This is a BIG stopper!  2-5/8" long, 2" round top.  1-1/4" round engravable area.  Similar looking 2-piece stopper / pourer also available.  Boxed (black).

... they look fantastic!
(corporate customer)

View actual imprinted Silver Top


$15.25  /   24
$14.25  / 144
$13.25 /  600

Rosewood Cork 2268 Rosewood Cork
2-1/8" round, 2-1/2" long, 1-1/4" round engravable area.  Boxed.

They look fantastic


$11.40 / 36
$10.95 / 50
$9.80 / 144
$9.15 / 600

Color Fill
add $1.25


Rosewood Cone 2267 Rosewood Cone
2-1/8" round, 3-3/8" long, 1-1/4" round engravable area.  Boxed.

I received the wine stoppers today, ahead of schedule. They look great. Thanks!


$13.60 / 36
$12.95 / 50

Color Fill
add $1.25

Engraved Rosewood Cork Combination Rosewood Stopper and Opener
Courtesy Silent Witness and St Andrew's (the apostrophe is a leaf in the logo)
Combination Rosewood Stopper and Opener 2272 Combination Rosewood Handle Corkscrew and Cone Stopper
4" long, 3-1/4" handle.  1-1/2" by 3/8" engravable area.  Boxed.

$15.50 /  36
$14.75 /  50
$13.25/ 144
$12.30/ 600

Velveteen Bag Black Velveteen Bag
Perfect for gift packaging most stoppers.  3-7/8" high x 2-7/8" wide.

(Cannot be used with Silver, Rosewood Cone, or Combination)

Laser imprinting available!  We burn off the velveteen "fuzz," leaving a subtle imprint with a distinct texture difference.  Add $.79 per sack to the prices to the right.

$.79 /   50
$.69 / 144
$.59 / 600

(only sold with stopper orders at this price)

Organza Bag Small Organza Bag
Thin, sheer organza fabric in nylon.  Ribbon drawstring.  6-1/2" H, 4-7/8" W.  Gold, Silver, Burgundy, White, or Black.  Useable space inside 4-1/4" x 4-7/8".  Will hold our largest stoppers plus other items.


$.69 /   50
$.59 / 144
$.49 / 600

(only sold with stoppers or corkscrew orders at this price)

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