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Bracksco offers free DETAILED design options for your wine room.  Look at the amazing number of bottles we are able to pack in this client's 177 cubic foot room (up to 552 bottles) with a Breezaire WKS2200 cooler:

VintageView Rack Layout

You can see the slightly revised plan and the buyer's resulting room on our Converting a Closet to a Wine Room page.

Here are several design samples using VintageView® wine racks.  If you need similar design work, we can provide it for FREE from your specifications.  We will also provide free consulting for customers on building a wine room.  Clicking each link generally will open a new window with just the design picture.

Residential cellar Residential wine cellar 1 (1800+ bottles, 6 options for 11'x13' room - takes extra time to load)

Residential Cellar 1 Residential wine cellar 2 (1300 bottles in a non-rectangular room)

Residential Cellar 3 Residential wine cellar 3 (765 bottles w/picture window)

Residential Cellar 4 Residential wine cellar 4 (1476 bottles with island)

Residential Cellar 5 Residential wine room 5 (1200 bottles plus possible expansion with IDR)

Interlaced design Regular Mounting versus Interlaced Mounting (30% more bottles)

Wall View Wall View With Presentation Rack

Restaurant Restaurant wine room (with picture window)

Deep cabinet racking Deep walk-in cabinet (7'x2½')

Feel free to call us with YOUR requirements.  We can either send you a sample of something similar to your needs to start, or custom design something for you.

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