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The Evolution Series wine racks by VintageView!

Evolution E1-4 Evolution E1-6

The basic rack comes in three heights:  4', 6', and 8'.  The sides are acrylic (though wood or metal is available), and the depth and widths can vary.  The rack above left, an Evolution model E1-4*, holds 81 bottles and costs $1000, while on the right you see an Evolution model E1-6, holding 126 bottles and costing $1399.  Extensions (shown below) are available for less and can vary in width.  (* The E1-4 is approximately 4' tall, 40" wide, and 13" deep.)

Evolution Extensions

The steel rods are chrome plated (default), black, or brass (both higher price), usually 1 meter (39-3/8") long (you can specify or cut on your own anything up to that length), and 12mm in diameter.  The acrylic panels require 3-weeks lead time.  Each rack order contains all the parts to assemble a completed rack.  Because you can custom specify what you want, you may order these racks for any size bottle, from 12-oz sodas to oversized wine bottles.  Sometimes you can even stack the bottles (second photo below) for more capacity beyond basic specs.

3 rod finishes

Evolution Closeup

Want to create your own rack?  We sell the rods individually at $9.25 each (chrome); the special screws are $.25 each.  If you are planning on cutting a rod, you will need a new insert ($.75 each) to hold the screw. 

When you order panels, you have a choice between two styles for the tops:  scalloped or curved.

Scalloped and Curved tops

Give us a call with your requirements, and we'll work up a quote for you.  Shipping fees are determined on a per-order basis, as special packing and transportation considerations apply, primarily due to the acrylic panels which must be shipped in wooden crates.

Watch the installation video

Evolution E1-4

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