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VintageView® Floor-to-Ceiling Frame Mounts
Design diagram of Floor to Ceiling MountThere are times when you can't mount VintageView wine racks directly on the wall.  For example:
  • The wall curves.
  • The wall is glass.
  • The wall is stone (see pictures below right).
  • There is no wall!
  • You want to put lights behind your bottles.

The solution is to use our Floor-to-Ceiling Frame Mounts, sold in 10-foot sections that you can cut and assemble to your needed length.  You screw them into the ceiling and floor, then mount standard VintageView racks on one or both sides.  They come in black or nickel.

A typical use of this frame mount is in a wine room with a window (or a glass wall), where you want one bottle showing on the outside, yet standard 3-bottle (or less...) access from the inside.  Here's a private installation:  the right side of the wine room uses floor-to-ceiling mounts on the window ledge, and the window view is shown on the right.

Pool room wine room interior Pool room wine room exterior

The Luxor Steakhouse in Las Vegas, Nevada, is another example of this implementation.  (The racks are typically the same height on each side, but they don't have to be.) 

On the right, the upper picture shows the view from the dining room.  Diners see wine bottles (one bottle deep) through the window.  The middle picture shows the view from the waiting area, where diners can view the actual bottles and labels (that's the idea behind VintageView!) of wine they may purchase during dinner.  (If you think this might increase wine sales, you are undoubtedly correct!)  You can also view the 1705 Prime all-glass wine room with these frame mounts.

Floor-to-ceiling frame

Next on the right you can see what an assembled set of racks looks like from the side, followed by the floor mounting.

To the immediate right, you will see one of the two frame pieces you will receive, and at top left you see a side view of one possible mounting situation (very similar to the one used at Luxor).  You cut one of the two frame sections (if necessary), fit them together, secure at top and bottom, and mount your racks (to one or both sides).  Voilą!

You can also use the frame mounts to hold your racks in front of a stone wall, even if you have an uneven ceiling (picture right) or you want a short section of rack unsecured at top, but capped with a presentation rack.

Another use of this mounting frame would be to hold 2- or 3-bottle deep racks on both sides in the middle of your wine room or under a stairway, for example, while utilizing a minimal footprint.  Or if you have a curved wall, place the frame mount in front of the wall to hold your racks properly.

If you need less than 5' sections, you can buy extra mounting plates to make two under-5' standalone mounts from one unit.

Technical Note:  In November 2011, the thickness of the frame was increased from 1/2" to 1", now referred to as an HD (Heavy Duty) frame.

Also available, angled brackets for sloped ceilings and hidden brackets, for situations where you don't want the base plate to show.  Call for info.  (In nickel, these will not be a 100% match for the rack color.)

View Spec Sheet (PDF)
View Installation Instructions (PDF)
VIDEO:  How to Mount Floor-to-Ceiling Frames 

Direct link to Mounting Floor-to-Ceiling Frames video.

NOTE:  You must cut the frame yourself to fit your exact location (two cuts on one side of the frame using a hack saw, chop saw, etc.).  No factory cutting is available on this item.


10' Floor-to-Ceiling Mounting Frame
OPTION Black Nickel
Full Frame HD - regular $155 $195
Full Frame HD - magnum ** $270 $290
Extra Mounting Plate $21 $28
Angled Mounting Plate $27 $33
Backer Set * $39 $45

* The Backer Set is required if you use a frame longer than 5' with racks on one side only.
** The magnum frame in nickel is a custom fabrication and will not match rack color exactly.

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Inside a glass wine room Interlaced racks on a Floor to Ceiling Mount
View from inside an all-glass wine room,
and a decorative display using interlacing

Luxor dining room

Luxor waiting area

Side View

Floor Mount

FCF Mount with Different Side Heights
Mounted on Beam

FCF Mount with Custom Presentation Rack Mounting
Custom Presentation Rack Mounting

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