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Normally VintageView wine racks are mounted in 13" wide columns.  In the 3-bottle deep models, this gives you the same bottle capacity as with traditional cork-forward (honeycomb) racking.  However, VintageView wine racks can be interlaced to increase bottle capacity, especially for small wine rooms.  Using this technique, you can expect up to nearly a 20% increase in bottle capacity.

Interlaced 3-deep racks Interlaced 1-deep racks
LEFT:  3-Deep Wine Room Use ......... RIGHT:  1-Deep Artistic Use

Here's how it works:

View a rack mounting spec diagram for Interlacing.

View a room design using Interlacing versus regular mounting.

You may need or want interlacing.  The need comes from a wall that is an awkward width (such as 63") for mounting regular 13" columns of racks, while the want comes from a desire to pack in as many bottles as possible.  You can also interlace magnum racks:  use 24" as the minimum width for two columns, with the individual strips mounted 8" apart.

Here's a table that addresses wall widths for the ideal number of columns of regular VintageView wine racks.  Keep in mind that dimensions a few inches larger will work, but on the downside, you should not drop more than a maximum of 1/4" or so per rack for regular mounting.  (For example, you can squeeze 5 racks into 64", but you are pushing the limits at 63", unless you interlace, in which case you can fit 6 racks.)

Number of Rack Columns Regular Mounting vs. Interlaced
Wall Width Regular Mounting Interlaced Mounting
21.5   2
26 2  
39 3  
43   4
52 4  
64.5   6
65 5  
78 6  
86   8
91 7  
104 8  
107.5   10
117 9  
129   12
130 10  
143 11  
150.5   14
156 12  
Interlaced on a Floor to Ceiling Frame
Interlaced racks on a
floor-to-ceiling mount

As you can see, if you have a wall which around 107" wide, you can fit in two more columns of VintageView wine racks if you interlace.  Please call us if you have questions.

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