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Island Display Racking (IDR) System® Wine Racks

Below you'll find complete information on our VintageView Island Display Racks (IDRs).  While originally designed for stores, the IDRs can be used in large wine rooms, too.  These free-standing frames and racks are basically kits that you custom assemble to your needs.  You are paying only $16 for the frame of a typical configuration (below left), beyond the price of the racks!

See also our PoP racks (pictured right):  $99.99 for 27 bottles (in black).  Click the picture for an enlargement.

      POP Rack

IDR 3-foot rack Double IDR in store

Standard configuration
holds 180 bottles

IDR3 plus IDR3-X
holds 360 bottles

VintageView Select
VintageView Select Package (108 bottles)
3', 4', 7'; extensions and halves (shown) also available

Here are the components which make up the Island Display Racking System.  Prices shown are for black, but nickel is also available (see pricing table below).  Most customers order units with presentation racks (already priced in), but they are optional:  units ordered without them get a credit.  Optional shelf brackets (not shown above) are additional.

  1. IDR3:  Base Package (above left), consisting of uprights and crossbars, footers and levelers, double presentation rack -- all for only $594!  That's just $16 for all the mounting components beyond the price of the racks!  The size is 40"Lx47"Hx24"W, and the unit holds 180 bottles.
  2. IDR3-X:  Base Extension (above right), duplicating everything in the Base Package (except one upright) for another 39 inches of length; $534 for another 180 bottles.
  3. IDR4:  Same as Base Package above, but using WS43 racks (12 bottles high instead of 9), holding 234 bottles.  The size of this unit is 40"Lx55"Hx24"W, and the presentation rack is 2" closer to the top of the bottles underneath.
  4. IDR4-X:  Same as Base Extension above but for the 4-foot racks, adding another 234 bottles.
  5. Half IDR in NickelIDR3-H:  Half IDR (right, 90 bottles, only on one side).  40"Lx47"Hx13"W.
  6. IDR4-H:  Half IDR (117 bottles, only on one side)40"Lx55"Hx13"W.
  7. IDRM:  Similar to the IDR3 package, except that it holds 6 MAG2 racks (45" tall, 15" column space wide, and 2-bottles deep).  Because the length of the crossbars is extended by 6", the presentation rack does not fit, and the use of low shelf brackets is recommended, but optional.  Holds 108 magnum bottles.
  8. IDRM-H:  Half IDRM (54 magnum bottles, only on one side).
  9. IDR3-PRS:  Select Series (bottom photo above), uses presentation racks, 108 bottles, 40"Lx43"Hx24"W.  Extension available.
  10. IDR4-PRS:  Select Series, uses presentation racks, 144 bottles, 40"Lx54"Hx24"W.  Extension available.
  11. IDR7-PRS:  Select Series, uses presentation racks, 252 bottles, 40"Lx84"Hx24"W.
  12. IDR-SBH:  Shelf Brackets High (picture below), used in addition to a presentation rack (2 needed, you supply the shelf).
                                                    Upper Shelf Bracket

  13. End CapIDR3-EC:  Endcap Package (right), consisting of a frame for one end of the IDR and two WS31 racks side-by-side (18 additional bottles).  Order two if you want both ends covered.
  14. IDR4-EC:  Same as above for 4-foot racks, 24 bottles.

  15. IDR-C:  Caster Kit (pictured below) for IDR3 and 4, consisting of 4 casters and cross-brace.
  16. IDR-C-X:  Caster Kit Extension for IDR3-X and 4-X, consisting of 2 casters and cross-brace.
  17. IDR-AK:  Assembly Kit (two tools, reuse with additional racks).
  18. CUSTOM WORK:  Don't see what you need?  Ask!  We have other options, some of which involve standard components, some of which involve custom fabrication.  We invite your inquiry.

VIDEO:  Assembling Island Display Racks

IDR and Extension with Caster Kits
Shown with optional Caster Kit

Magnetic Sign
Also available:  Magnetic Sign Holder for top of any IDR System rack

Pricing:  To price your own configuration, use this chart.

3' High Regular IDRs
Item Component Btls  Black   Nickel 
IDR3 Base Package (3') 180 $594 $694
IDR3-X Base Extension (3') 180 $534 $622
IDR3-H Half IDR (3') 90 $405 $481
IDR3-HX Half IDR Extension (3') 90 $345 $409
IDR3-EC Endcap (3') 18 $141 $166

See "Other IDR Components" Below

4' High Regular IDRs
Item Component Btls  Black   Nickel 
IDR4 Base Package (4') 234 $668 $768
IDR4-X Base Extension (4') 234 $600 $688
IDR4-H Half IDR (4') 117 $450 $526
IDR4-HX Half IDR Extension (4') 117 $382 $446
IDR4-EC Endcap (4') 24 $165 $191

See "Other IDR Components" Below

7' High IDRs - Call

Magnum IDRs
Item Component Btls  Black   Nickel 
IDR3-MAG Base Package (Magnums) 108 $583 $679
IDR3-MAG-H Half Magnum IDR (no PR) 54 $300 $390

Extensions and Endcaps are custom -- call
See "Other IDR Components" Below

Select Package (w/Presentation Racks)
Item Component Btls  Black   Nickel 
IDR3-PRS Select Package (3') 108 $566 $686
IDR4-PRS Select Package (4') 144 $731 $883
IDR7-PRS Select Package (7') 252 $1406 $1695
IDR3-PRS-X Select Extension (3') 108 $506 $614
IDR4-PRS-X Select Extension (4') 144 $663 $803
IDR7-PRS-X Select Extension (7') 252 $1256 $1520
IDR3-H-PRS Half Select (3') 54 $511 $631
IDR4-H-PRS Half Select (4') 72 $658 $786
IDR3-H-PRS-X Half Select Extension (3') 54 $451 $547
IDR4-H-PRS-X Half Select Extension (4') 72 $590 $730

See "Other IDR Components" Below

Other IDR Components
Item Component Btls  Black   Nickel 
IDR-SBH Shelf Bracket High ~ $25* $31*
IDR-C Caster Kit (not for magnums) ~ $90 $100
IDR-CX Caster Kit Extension ~ $70 $80
IDR-AK Assembly Kit ~ $5 $5
PR-REM REMOVE Presentation Rack -18 ask ask
PTH-MSH Magnetic Sign Holder (11x7) ~ $10
* The shelf brackets are priced individually because
    you may need an uneven multiple for extensions.

Additional Resources (mostly PDFs):

Installing an IDR base (view the video) takes about 90 minutes for two inexperienced people (which includes 30 minutes for opening packages, gathering tools, and reading instructions).  Each additional section takes an hour or less.  All components are supplied except the following:


Orders for VintageView IDRs are taken by phone or email or regular mail.  You can print a copy of our order form and mail it in with your payment, after confirming the shipping cost, or you can phone or email the information, and we will fill out the form for you (and email it back).  We invite your inquiry!

View a printable copy of our Black IDR order form
View a printable copy of our Nickel IDR order form

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