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Custom Mounts for VintageView Wine Racks

NOTE:  Since this page was first created, custom mounts are now available as a stock item and can be ordered for heights of 10' or less.  See our page on Floor-to-Ceiling Mounts.

This installation is unusual in that the wine racks are supported by floor-to-ceiling custom mounts, with 1-bottle deep racks on the outside (visible through the window) and 3-bottle deep racks on the inside, available to restaurant staff.  The window-side bottles are very close to the window and are only accessible by removing the inside bottles.  They are primarily for display, but the effect is stunning!

VintageView racks on custom mounts in hotel dining room

Custom mounts are a pair of cross-strapped metal strips with mounting brackets at the top and bottom (to bolt to floor and ceiling).  The exact height of the mount is specified at the time of order, and they are custom manufactured for you.  The racks are then bolted to the custom mounts, which are available in black and nickel

VintageView racks on custom mounts in hotel lobby

An additional use for custom mounts is mounting racks on curved surfaces.   The mounts bolt to the curved wall, and the racks are bolted to the custom mounts, keeping them parallel.

The price of custom mounts varies with your requirements and the size of your order.  Please call Bracksco to discuss your needs!

Double-sided racking Custom double-sided rack (front and side views, click to enlarge)

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