Fred's Network Music Player
Fred Brack   Fred Brack  
Raleigh, NC
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Fred's Network Music Player System (Squeezebox)

For many years I wanted to digitize my music CD collection and be able to control and play the selections via my home audio system (which is actually connected to a "whole house" audio system with speakers and controls in multiple rooms).  I finally figured out how to do this, and here is a description of my system and the steps involved to set it up.

The product described here was discontinued in all versions by Logitech in August 2012. Similar products may be available from other companies, but I am not familiar with them. The information is maintained here to familiarize you with the steps involved!

The system in brief


Squeezebox hookup

The process I used to do this

That's it.  Now I am enjoying getting familiar with my CD collection again.

A few more technical notes