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VintageView® Point-of-Purchase (PoP) Wine Rack

Point of Purchase rack in blackPoint of Purchase rack in nickelOriginally designed to fill a need in retail wine stores or liquor stores, this PoP (Point of Purchase) wine rack makes a great rack for home use, too!  The rack holds 2 full cases horizontally, plus 3 bottles presentation style, for a total of 27 bottles.  It would look great in the corner of a kitchen, dining nook, dining room, or family room, or even tucked in a hallway.  Put it in your pantry or at the base of the cellar stairs, or expand your existing wine room storage.  Move it wherever and whenever you want.

Magnetic Sign HolderFor retail use, there are two holes on the bar behind the presentation rack to hold a sign, if you like.  The racks also come with connectors to allow you to bind two or more racks together.  We also have a magnetic sign holder (pictured right, click image for larger), 11" x 7", for $9.99.  It consists of a black (only) frame (like a license plate holder) with magnets on its base and a slit in the top into which you can slide a printed sign, best made of card stock paper just under 11" x 7" in size.

The cross-supports are 7-1/2" apart center-to-center, the same as wall-mounted VintageView racks.


Finish Black Nickel
Cost $99.99 $124.99
Base 13"W x 12" D
Height 37-1/2"
Height to clear bottles 41"
Spec Sheet Spec Sheet
Magnetic Sign Holder
(11"x7" double-sided)

Shipping:  Each rack weighs 14 pounds and comes ready for simple assembly. 

As an alternative, if you want what essentially amounts to three of these racks connected side-by-side, you can purchase 1/2 an Island Display Rack.  Click the link for a design diagram, and visit our Island Display Rack page for pricing and more information.

Half IDR

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