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Bracksco Shipping and Returns Policy

Shipping Policies

These shipping policies are for 48 US states only.  Shipping to Alaska and Hawaii will always be computed on a per-order basis (though it may be the same in many cases).  We do not generally ship internationally; however, we can refer you for VintageView products in Europe.  Inquire if you need other light-weight products shipped.  (International orders may be subject to a 2% surcharge which we must pay on your credit card processing.)

  1. We try to charge fair and reasonable shipping fees and not make this part of our profit structure!  This does result in different shipping fees and policies for different items.  In many cases, it costs us more to ship than we charge you.
  2. For our heaviest item, the wine coolers, we charge you actual shipping.
  3. For our wine racks, we have a new policy starting in May of 2014 (to be competitive...):  shipping is free.  If you return any racks, however, you must also pay us what it cost to ship them to you.
  4. For most other items, we have tried to adopt a fee close to what we actually pay on average, and we cap or reduce postage when you order multiple items if possible.
  5. Yes, we offer overnight service -- if you pay the full shipping fee.
  6. Unless we are out of stock, which is rare, non-personalized items other than wine room coolers will be shipped within 1 business day.  Most shipments will be made by UPS or FedEx.

Return Policy

Breezaire coolers and parts are not returnable.  The following applies to all other products we sell.

Can You Trust Us?

We can't prove that the answer is yes, of course; but we do publish our street address under Contact Us, not just a PO Box, so feel free to adopt a "we know where you live" attitude!  We have lived and worked in Raleigh for over 30 years.  We feel you will be very satisfied with our service.  (31 years working for IBM was excellent training!)  Please see our Customer Comments page to hear what others have to say.

We appreciate the trust you honor us with in placing an order.  We pledge your satisfaction and fair pricing.  Thank you for ordering from Bracksco!