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There are two distribution lists maintained for communications among WBRU alumni interested in this website.  The first is the original list, started by Fred Brack in December 2004, for straight email communications directly to the group, primarily regarding this website.  Simply use the link at the bottom of each page to send Fred a note asking to be added to his list.

The second is an email group list hosted by Google.  This list was started by Ken Ribet in February 2005 to allow people to "opt in" to communications.  For this list, you simply send email to the group address at Google (wbru@googlegroups.com), and anyone who "subscribes" to the list will see a copy of the email in one of three ways of their choosing:

The choice of methods above is up to the subscriber.  Here is how you subscribe ...

Go to http://groups-beta.google.com/group/WBRU/ and follow links for "join this group" or "join".  When you click one of those links, you get to a login page.   You can either "sign in to your Google account" (right-hand side of the page) or "sign up now" (if you are "new to Google Groups") on the left-side of the page.  To create a Google account, you need to supply your e-mail address and choose a password; that's it.  (You also have to prove that you're a human being, not a piece of software, by copying some characters that are displayed on your screen.)

After responding to the email you'll get verifying your membership, go back to the WBRU group and sign in.  Then, by clicking "Unsubscribe or Change Membership," you'll be offered four different methods of reading mail sent to the group.

The WBRU group is currently readable by non-members.  This is the default.  We can probably change this if we decide we don't want random nosy people and web-indexing robots to read our old radio stories!  You need to have a Google Groups account and sign up for the WBRU group specifically to be able to send new items to our group.

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