New WBRU Logo Memories of WBRU
in the 1960s
Brown University

The following photos were provided by Paul Payton, and most were taken by Jim Brennan.  The dates are believed to be in 1969.

Don Berns
A slimmer Don Berns!

Adam Blistein
Adam Blistein

Payton and Merrill
Paul Payton and Sam Merrell

FM Board
The First WBRU FM Board
(Note cartridge machines, left)

Station Meeting 1
(L-to-R): Pete Leonard (rear), Carl Chan, Ronnie Dane, Rich Barna, Irv Gastfreund,
Paul Payton, Valerie Raymond, Larry Maier, L. Davidson Corry

Station Meeting 2
(L-to-R):  Donna Bird, Pete Leonard, Paul Gregutt (foreground), Carl Chan,
Ronnie Dane (bent over), Rich Barna (obscured), Penny Dixon,
Irv Gastfreund (rear), Sam Merrell, Al Riffer, Paul Payton,
John Fattorusso (behind Paul), Valerie Raymond, Larry Maier, L. Davidson Corry

Paul Payton
Paul Payton

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