New WBRU Logo Memories of WBRU
in the 1960s
Brown University

When I think back, I have to thank you for remembering me at all. My goodness, how many times did you air suspend me?  Or was that Brodsky or Fisher?  [Editor's Note:  Neither Fred nor Rich remember doing this -- but we do remember you deserved it!]   Hey, was it really so bad to use the air name Willie Wanamaker while I was doing the news on Spring Weekend?  This from the station with great but overused "Sounds Good to Me" production piece (Who voiced that?)... 

My favorite air suspension was for following up a Stan Freeburg God commercial ("How does it feel, out on that limb without him?") with three simple words "Speaking of him", and a quick segue into the Beatles "He's a real Nowhere Man."  I recall that when someone called [Andy Fisher] about the God commercial incident, his response was "Was it tight?". 

Another memory concerns my experience during the first day that FM was on the air.  I drew the task of hosting Highlights, a major comedown for a 19 year old.  The Gates turntables in the new FM studio were not up to the task of playing all day.  Both of them broke down within the first half hour of my show.  We had no cartridge deck and nothing except me to fill the dead air, until Fred Mattfield arrived to move the show into the AM studio, patching it as only he knew how.  Back to Mono!

Gosh, how is it we loved mono so much in those days?  It really was the music.  It still is, as long as the music is loud and clean.  Loved those studio monitors!

Yes, WBRU definitely changed my life, but we'll leave that for another time.  (Posted 1/21/05)

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