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As I recall it, I got involved with WBRU when I arrived on campus, the fall of 1964.  I was never fond of Deans, and I ended up making an appointment with a Pembroke Dean to try to secure exceptions to the curfew for Election Night '64, to allow a few of us from Pembroke to stay at the radio station, helping out.  I wasn't that aggressive; I think I managed to secure an extra hour for us freshmen, not even until the polls closed on the West Coast!  (Or maybe I got us until the polls closed, but before we could possibly have any results.)

Some summer or other, I stayed in Providence, helping out with the blasted pre-computer/early computer punch cards to generate the printed schedule of commercials, PSAs, etc.  (While traveling Providence doing temp work as a day job.)  Evenings went to Hearts at the place John Leistritz was renting.  I was afraid one of the regulars (they played during the school year too) would kick me out of the games I was so bad.  But they needed a fourth sometimes, and I was it.

There was another disastrous point when I was left at the station while a number of staff ran up to Boston to get their 3rd class licenses.  One point of dead air, several nervous station breaks, lots of music without comment.  I've never been so relieved as I was when someone relieved me.

At some point there was a political storm at WBRU, and I was one of the ones who dropped out.  That was a good thing for my classwork, of course, although I soon found other ways to avoid studying any more than I had to.  (Posted 1/20/05)

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