New WBRU Logo Memories of WBRU
in the 1960s
Brown University

It's interesting that [the] reunion and communication has really touched a chord for many.  I hope to come across a tape that I did from those years to contribute to the history of what was quite a time.  I remember the first day we went on the air as an FM station; it was ready or not and my recollection was that we endured without a lot of resources but with persistence, dedication and talent.  All of this within the context of a good school in a time of war not that unlike the present.  (Posted 7/05)

BRU had a late-night jazz program (10pm-2am) and needed a fill-in DJ one night.  I volunteered.  Someone gave me a full list of cuts to play, since I knew zip about jazz. 

After my debut, I was told they really liked the female voice on the jazz show -- I was looking forward to learning something about jazz! 

Then a postcard arrived at the station. "Get that woman off the air -- she doesn't know anything about jazz!"  I had blown my cover by introducing a cut by "Cannonball ALderley!"

I was off the jazz show.  (Posted 4/05)

My clearest micro memory of BRU is of being schooled by Andy Fisher in how to say W:  "double-you BRU double-you BRU double-you BRU..."  (There is currently someone in national office who could use the practice.)  All in order to give the Dow Jones report.  It is my recollection that I was the first woman allowed to speak on the air at BRU, in 1966, and the financial report was the limit of the new freedom.  A propos, Andy's promo for the women's news is just hilarious.   (Posted 1/05)

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