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Plug in your cooler and turn it on.  It will take quite a while to bring your wine down to your chosen temperature.  If you have a larger wine room, you should follow the manufacturer's instructions regarding the use of a drain hose (which may require that you drill a hole in the shelf so you can access it); but in the case of our small wine room, no liquid ever emerged from the hose.

Once you see that your cooler is working properly, you can begin to fill your wine room.  Keep in mind that the cooler is designed to keep a room with wine in it cool, not a room simply full of air.  In other words, if you leave the cooler on without a significant amount of wine in the room, you will find it runs a lot and may have difficulty maintaining temperature.  Once wine in the bottles is cooled, it will be much easier to maintain an even temperature.

If you are building your collection slowly, consider putting empty bottles (of any kind) filled with water in your wine room.  This will make the cooler's work simpler due to the thermal mass.

The Bracksco Wine Room The Bracksco Wine Room

And now you can stand back and proudly survey your work.  You worked hard on this, and it looks great.  And you have added valued to your home.  Your friends and neighbors will be impressed.  Toast your hard work, and send us a picture! 

Bracksco toasts your new wine room!

Congratulations.  We hope you found this article useful.  Let us know and/or send any suggestions for improvement to .

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