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This is really a simple step, and not necessary, of course, if you aren't installing a cooler.  But it does take some planning.  In fact, you may wish to plan for the possibility of a cooler in the future.

As mentioned up front, it is hardly ideal to have the cooler the first thing your guests see when they walk into your wine room.  If your door is opposite a long wall, you would like them to see all the bottles of wine (nicely displayed on VintageView wine racks, we hope!), uninterrupted by the cooler, especially if the cooler doesn't happen to fit neatly between columns of wine racks.  So consider your options carefully before framing out for the cooler.

Once you've decided where it will go, you need to frame the space.  This means you need a 2x4 crosswise above the opening (no more than 6" down from the ceiling) and a 2x4 crosswise at the bottom of the opening.  This lower 2x4 will support most of the weight of the cooler, so install it well!  You may wish to put a second 2x4 below the first, perhaps at right angles, for extra strength (or on top of the horizontal one, as shown below, if you have built out the thickness of the wall).

Framed window for wine cooler Framed window for wine cooler

Breezaire Wine CoolerOf course blowing the size of the opening has major consequences, so remember the fundamental carpenter's rule:  Measure once, cut twice; measure twice, cut once.  In our case this means that you must select your cooler prior to framing, study the installation instructions carefully (Breezaire cooler installation instructions are accessible from the Breezaire website), measure out the exact size of the opening -- twice -- and frame accordingly.  Bracksco uses, recommends, and only sold Breezaire coolers -- made in the USA.

When you finish the room, you will typically need to mount the cooler on a shelf and bore a hole in the shelf to access the drip line, which you might feed through the wall to outside.  See step 11 for more details.

And now, let's continue with Step 6:  Install or reroute electrical wiring for lighting and cooler.

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