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Memories of WBRU
in the 1960s
Brown University

Here are some recordings excerpted mainly from air-checks, so they may end a bit abruptly or have voices in the middle.  Thanks go to Mark Jordan for many of them.

See also the Air-Checks page for more production, and Pre-1960 WBRU AM History.

Note from Jerry Hubeny regarding the "57" jingles:

I remember using the WICE production studio often for WBRU items (often weekend all nighters, as I recall).  First Dave [Pearce] took me under his wing, then I did many alone, then I tried to take Don Berns under my wing to pass along the tradition.

I remember someone from New York getting us clean copies of all of WMCA's jingles.  They were pretty good, we thought, so we decided to change our frequency to 570 from 560 (I don't recall any actual change in the transmitter; our signal was so broad and distorted that we just decided that it had changed and no one would notice).  Then I patched all sorts of parts of the jingles together trying to make WBRU (AM) "Radio 57," "Fabulous 57," and the like.

[Later, after helping start FM,] I went back to help with AM and had a really fun time trying to make it sound more like what I thought of as a commercial rock station.  (Of course, in those years, I was having the most fun at WICE.)  Anyway, thanks for sharing those sound bites. They do indeed bring a smile to my face and remind me of a fun time in my life.

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