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Memories of WBRU
in the 1960s
Brown University

With Governor Chafee
Rich Brodsky, Don Berns, and Fred Brack, with RI Gov Chaffee
signing a proclamation honoring WBRU, Spring 1967

Jerry Hubeny and Janet Levin Jerry and Janet Levin
In the mid-60s, "network" time on WBRU was sold occasionally to national accounts by a national rep for the Ivy League stations.  We endlessly played "Things go better with coca-cola," for example, from big old records as part of this deal.  At one time, Parker Brothers tried to generate word-of-mouth demand for their new game, Tangle, by advertising it on all the Ivy stations, and by having promotions, the details (and even concepts) of which I now forget.  These are photos of me with Janet Levin in my room.  I really don't remember how they were ever used, but I remember Janet was a really great gal!  -- Jerry Hubeny

3rd class FCC license
Here's something we all had to travel to Boston to get!
Everyone had to be able to read the remote monitor for the
FM transmitter AND make remote adjustments, if necessary.
For that, you needed a Third Class Operator Permit.
Mark Jordan recalls the advice we used to give every staffer:
"Take the study guide with you and look it over while
you're on the bus going up to the Boston FCC office.
Shouldn't be any problem, and it will all be fresh in your mind."

Interview in the WBRU studios
An interview in the WBRU studios sponsored by Time Magazine.
Memories differ regarding the topic!  L-R these '64 folks are:
Jeffrey Ballon, Nancy Buc, Peter Tannenwald, Richard Baum.

Paul Payton
Paul Payton, 1976

What Frequency Are You On?

Pete Tannenwald recalls information about the confusion about exactly what our AM frequency was:

'BRU AM was on 560 in my time (1961-64) except that we had some problems in a couple of places, so we installed a couple of transmitters on 670.  I don't think they lasted very long. The main 670 dorm was right on the Green, but I don't remember the name (it's not a dorm any more).  It is a very old red brick building, on the south side, near George St.  There were also other interference problems that led someone after my time to retune everything to 570; but since 570 was WMCA in NYC, it wasn't an ideal channel.  AM was really falling apart; so when FM came along, AM was allowed to peter out over time.

The WBRU-AM 50th Anniversary

Letter page 1 Letter page 2

View the 25th Anniversary Concert Brochure (PDF)

WBRU Business Card


What's BRUin'? Eye Opener Ad in BDH
Ads in the BDH, 1964-65

WBRU AM print ad        WICE AM print ad
Here are two ads from The Brown Jug magazine, April 1967

Brown Jug Ad 1968
This ad is from the "Bulletin of Brown Semiversity",
a Brown Jug publication in 1968

Advertising Rate Card from 1967
Advertising Rate Card from 1967

Party at Fred's house
Fred really knows how to throw a party!
Can you figure out who they are?
All but the two women furthest away are listed on this site!

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