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Memories of WBRU
in the 1960s
Brown University

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Friday Night Cocktail Party at the Marriott
Saturday Night Dinner at Brown
Saturday Studio Visits to WBRU and BSR
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Schaffner, Bertsch, Levy
Suzanne Schaffner Borstein, Barbar Bertsch Boyd, Janet Levy

WBRU alumni from the 1960s era held a reunion in Providence on June 24-26, 2005.  By any standard, it was a very memorable and enjoyable occasion.  As several folks noted, each of us there knew most of the other attendees due to our common tie to the radio station.  Those of us who attended in the second half of the 1960s at least recognized the names of many of those who graduated in the first half and may have even met them on a visit to the radio station during our time at Brown.  Many a friendship was renewed, and undoubtedly email and personal invitations to visit will follow.  And we're likely to do it all again in five years!

WBRU and BSR hosted visits for us and gave us tours of their facilities, which were very informative -- thank you!  And thank you also to John Leistritz, Stu Aaronson, and Art Norwalk for making all the reunion arrangements.

Here is a list of the 44 people who attended.

  • Stu Aaronson
  • Ralph Begleiter
  • Don Berns
  • Les Blatt
  • Adam Blistein
  • Suzanne Schaffner Borstein
  • Barbara Bertsch Boyd
  • Fred Brack
  • Jim Brennan
  • Rich Brodsky
  • Bob Cope
  • Jon Cowan
  • Jane DiFusco
  • Jack Edmonston
  • Richard Epstein
  • Andy Fisher
  • John Hall
  • Don Harris
  • Jerry Hubeny
  • Harlan Hurwitz
  • Mark Jordan
  • Jon Kertzer
  • John Leistritz
  • Janet Levy
  • Larry Maier
  • Pete Miller
  • Art Norwalk
  • Roger Norton
  • Dave Ogden
  • Paul Payton
  • Dave Pearce
  • Vito Perillo
  • Rick Pike
  • Allan Riffer
  • Jack Rose
  • Kurt Salsburg
  • Jim Schantz
  • Bette Schultz
  • Dan Schneider
  • Moe Shore
  • Rob Sloan
  • Charlie Sokoloff
  • Pete Tannenwald
  • Fred Taylor


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