Needham High School Class of 1964

This website has been created primarily for viewing by the 384 graduates of the Class of 1964 of Needham High School.


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Margaret Bottum, Janice Cary Gray, Joyce Cobb, Louise Cohen, Linda Craig, Craig Decker, John Erskine, Gary Greenburg, Harry Gustafson, Joe Haffey, Lynn Hill, Joan Kissenger, Susan McNary White, Dennis Pelletier, Chuck Russell, David Sparks, Barbara Webster Desguin, Sandra Wiggins, Sandra Yueh Merriam (Last updated Jan 2017)


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The Crest The Crest
View a Video of Needham in the 50's and 60's

Moxie Company Moxie Company

Wooden Nickel


Fidel Castro


Computer in Pocket

1964 Ford Falcon

Seven sets of twins Seven sets of twins
Our seven sets of twins!  Can you name them?
(Photo from Andrea Kahn Egerton, originally from the Needham Times)