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Fred's iPhone Battery-Saving Tips

This is a compendium of tips designed to help increase battery life on your iPhone.  Many of the tips may be applicable to iPads, too.  The list was started with tips extracted from Episode 243 of "Today in IOS," a podcast by Rob Walch at

Most of these tips involve changes to your iPhone's SETTINGS, so open the Settings app first, then navigate to the subcategory mentioned in each tip to make changes.

  1. Though you are unlikely to want to do this often, putting your iPhone in AIRPLANE MODE (on) will shut off a lot of power-draining stuff!
  2. If you don't need it to connect to earpieces, etc., turn BLUETOOTH off.
  3. Under GENERAL / ABOUT, scroll to the bottom, select ADVERTISING, and turn LIMIT ADD TRACKING on.
  4. Under GENERAL / ABOUT, scroll to the bottom, select DIAGNOSTICS & USAGE, and select Don't Send.
  5. Under GENERAL / SIRI, turn RAISE TO SPEAK off, unless, of course, you like to use this feature.
  6. Under GENERAL / AUTO-LOCK, the sooner you lock, the less battery you use.
  7. Under NOTIFICATION CENTER, check to make sure you need all those apps notifying you of stuff.  Turn off the ones you don't need -- you can always turn notifications on later from within the apps or from the bottom of this list.
  8. Under BRIGHTNESS & WALLPAPER, the lower you set brightness, the less battery power you will use.
  9. Under PRIVACY, examine the list of applications using LOCATION SERVICES and turn off those that you rarely use or you don't care about their having location data.  Many of these apps will ask to use your location when initiated, if the service is turned off here.
  10. Under MAIL, CONTACTS, CALENDARS, under FETCH NEW DATA, turn PUSH off (you will still get "notifications" from apps) and Fetch to Manually if you don't use your mail services all the time.  Less frequent fetching increases battery life.
  11. Under PODCASTS, turn USE CELLULAR DATA off.
  12. Periodically close all open apps by pressing the Home key twice to show the task list at the bottom of the screen, then hold you finger on any task until the icons start jiggling, the keep clicking the minus sign in the red circle for any app you aren't actively using.  This will close those apps, free up memory, and reduce battery usage.  NOTE:  Unlike PCs, the iPhone's apps restart after rebooting, so simply rebooting does not shut these apps down.

In my case, I couldn't stop my rapid battery drain.  The rep at the Apple store ran a test on my iPhone and said there was something wrong with the software, not the battery; so I had to do a hard reboot of the phone and reinitialize everything.  He suggested, wisely I think, NOT to do a restore, but rather to use the new phone option and rebuild everything.  That's a pain, because you have to create your own app folders again, but it resolved my problem.

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