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The following pictures were taken on June 25, 2005

The first group of pictures was taken by Fred Brack

Mark Jordan
Mark Jordan and partner Margie Thumm in front, with Pete Tannenwald and Charlie Sokoloff on the left
Ralph Begleiter
Ralph Begleiter, with Rich Brodsky, Jerry Hubeny, and Stu Aaronson in the back
Epstein, Schaffner, Levy
Suzanne Schaffner Borstein (C), her spouse Jim (L), Janet Levy (R)
Boyd, Maier
Barbara Bertsch Boyd, Larry Maier
Brodsky, Brennan, Rose
Rich Brodsky, Jim Brennan, Jack Rose
Fisher, Maier
Andy Fisher, Larrie Maier
Fisher, Norton
Andy Fisher, Roger Norton
Jane DiFusco
Kathy Brack (Fred's wife), Jane DiFusco
Pearce, Rose, Taylor
Dave Pearce, Jack Rose, Fred Taylor
Maier, Riffer
Larry Maier, Al Riffer
Levy, Miller
Janet Levy, Pete Miller
Sokoloff, Schaffner
Charlie Sokoloff, Suzanne Schaffner Borstein
Andy Fisher
Andy Fisher
Fred Taylor
Fred Taylor
Mark Jordan
Kathy Brack, Mark Jordan, Mark's partner Margie Thumm, with Paul Payton, Bette Schultz, and bits of Pete Tannewald and Charlie Sokoloff visible in back

The following are stills taken from Pete Tannenwald's DVD of the event

View the movie (3MB, 1:15)

Berns and Riffer
Don Berns and Al Riffer, with Paul McCarthy from BSR in the back
Sokoloff, DiFusco, and Begleiter
Charlie Sokoloff, Jane DiFusco, Kurt Salsburg, and Ralph Begleiter
Harlan Hurwitz
Harlan Hurwitz
Payton and Jordan
Paul Payton and Mark Jordan
Pearce and Hubeny
Dave Pearce and Jerry Hubeny
Perillo et al
Bette Schultz, Vito Perillo, Paul Payton, Al Riffer

The following were taken by the reunion photographer

Friday 1
Art and Mary Norwalk, Vito Perillo, Betty Schultz (back to camera), Paul Payton, Janet Levy, Al Riffer
Friday 2
Peter Tannewald, Jane DiFusco
Friday 3
Al Riffer, Fred Taylor, Rich Brodsky, Rick Pike
Friday 4
Larry Maier, Betty Schultz, Peter Tannenwald
Friday 5
Stu Aaronson with Jim Schultz
and partner Herb Fremin
Friday 6
Jimmy and Suzanne (Schaffner) Borstein, with Jack Edmonston, Don Harris, Stu Aaronson
Friday 7
Don Harris, Jack and Kathy Edmonston, Stu Aaronson
Friday 8
Dave Pearce, Bob and Athalia Cope, Art and Mary Norwalk
Friday 9
Andy Fisher, Charlie Sokoloff, Rob Sloan, Rich Brodsky (Roger Norton and Don Berns in back)
Friday 10
Art and Mary Norwalk, John Leistritz, Fred Brack, Dave Pearce, Bob Cope (wife Athalia back to camera)


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