New WBRU Logo Memories of WBRU
in the 1960s
Brown University

The following pictures were taken on June 25, 2005

The first group of pictures was taken by Fred Brack

Mark Jordan
Mark Jordan and partner Margie Thumm
Don Harris
Don and Bev Harris
Norton and Shore
Roger Norton and Moe Shore
Schneider, Leistritz, Aaronson
Dan Schneider, John Leistritz, Stu Aaronson
John Hall
John Hall with Fred Brack's wife, Kathy
(background:  Moe Shore, Don Harris, Roger Norton)
Schantz and Rose
Jim Schantz (C) and his partner Herb Fremin (L),
Jack Rose (R), Don Berns and Jerry Hubeny (C rear)
Rob Sloan
Rob Sloan (beginning the impromptu speeches)
Les Blatt
"Stand up, LB!"  Les Blatt
Ralph Begleiter
Ralph Begleiter
Jack Edmonston
Jack Edmonston


The following pictures were taken by Les Blatt

Edmonston and Blistein
Jack Edmonston and Adam Blistein
Norton and Riffer
Roger Norton and Al Riffer
Jack Edmonston
Jack Edmonston, Paul Payton in back


The following were taken by Fred Taylor

Taylor Group 1
Dave Ogden, Jerry Hubeny, Fred Taylor, Paul Payton, Rick Pike
Taylor Group 2
Don Berns, Fred Taylor, Jerry Hubeny, Rick Pike, Jack Edmonston


The following are stills taken from Pete Tannenwald's DVD of the event

Brack and Hall
Fred Brack with John and Jean Hall
Cope and Blatt
Bob Cope with Les and Leslie Blatt
Don Berns
Don Berns toasting the memory of Pete Bedard
and Bob Lewis "Bob-a-Loo" Schwartzman
Fred Brack
Fred Brack discussing this website and swearing he wasn't the one to ban women from speaking on 'BRU-FM!
John Hall
John Hall singing his apology for naming "Ballad of the Green Berets" the top hit of his senior year!
Pete Tannewald
Peter Tannenwald engaged in discussion about the lack of lights on the original WBRU antenna
Greg and Paul
Our guests from WBRU (Greg Mazurek) and BSR (Paul McCarthy)


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