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This seems like a silly one, doesn't it; yet it is an important step to acknowledge.

Presumably you have one or more open light fixtures in the ceiling of the room, an open wall switch (perhaps completed by now, if it is outside the room), the cooler outlet box, and perhaps a room outlet.  You need to complete the wiring for each of these.

Think about that ceiling fixture carefully.  The higher the wattage, the more heat you bring into the room.  A fluorescent light produces very little heat but somehow just doesn't go with a wine room, does it?  Hopefully you didn't choose high-heat and hard to insulate recessed can lights, either.  Choose a simple fixture to go with the decor you have chosen for the rest of the room, and install the lowest wattage bulb that does the trick:  ambience versus your ability to see the labels properly!

You can even choose to install a track light configuration, and/or do something with low-voltage lighting.  These are options best considered up front; but if you have planned carefully, you will have options for expansion.

A few very observant individuals may have wondered why wires were sticking out at various places in the walls of previous pictures shown in this article.  The answer is:  room for expansion.  Those wires come back to -- but are not connected now to -- the one electrical box housing the ceiling light in the Bracksco wine room.  If we ever decide to do wall sconces or multiple ceiling lights or have the need for a light or outlet on the back wall, the wiring is in place.

And now, let's continue with Step 13:  Install racks.

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