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Bottles on VintageView rackWhile we would like you to seriously consider purchasing VintageView wine racks to display the beauty of your wine bottles and their labels, you are perfectly free to install those traditional racks which display the tops of the corks only!

In any case, this is the point where you install whatever racks or combination of racks you have chosen.  If you have done your planning carefully, the room is laid out efficiently for your choice of racks, cabinets, shelves, built-ins, or whatever. 

Whether you install the racks or cooler first is up to you.  If you are doing some custom woodwork around the cooler, then you'll want to install the cooler first.  On the other hand, if you'll be working in the area around the cooler installing racks, we recommend that you install your racks ahead of the cooler simply so you don't bump your head on the cooler while installing the racks!

Think carefully if you want to start your racks at the floor or leave space below the racks for unopened cases (14" high recommended, if you choose this option).  Actually, unopened cardboard cases are probably best left in a corner as out of the way as possible; but you may choose to acquire some attractive wooden wine cases for storage below your racks.

If you installed wood walls, you are good to go.  If you installed drywall, you may want to use a stud-finder for any wall-mounted items.

If you are installing VintageView wine racks, just measure distances carefully and follow the instructions that come with the racks.  We used a laser level just to show off, but that's not really required!  (Here's a mounting diagram that we used to share with customers.)

Installing racks using a laser level Installing racks using a laser level

And now, let's continue with Step 14:  Install Cooler.

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