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Note:  This text assumes a through-the-wall cooling unit.  A split-system requires professional installation which is not covered here.

Another silly little step:  take the cooler out of the box and shove it in the hole in the wall!  Geez, we hope it fits, 'cause it's a real pain if it doesn't!  (And save the box in case you have to return the unit for repair...)

Seriously, prepare for this step by setting a small stepstool in front of the opening for the cooler.  Get someone to help you, as coolers are usually heavy.  Lift the cooler up, set it on the shelf you built (if applicable), and ease it into the opening.  There should be about an eighth of an inch clearance on the top and sides, maybe less.

Step to the outside of the room and check the fit, adjusting as necessary.  Generally, the unit should be flush with the outside wall, at which point you can install the supplied louver.

Use some weather-stripping to fill in the gaps all around.  You may want to use multiple pieces in the same area, and you may also wish to put in a trim piece around each edge.  Your objective is, of course, to stop up the last gap in your wine room.

A cooler is expensive, so seriously consider adding a surge protector in the circuit.  Make sure it is one capable of handling the amperage of your cooler.

LaCrosse Alerts SystemAnd don't forget that you need to monitor the temperature and humidity in your room.  This is best done with a remote indoor/outdoor thermostat with a hygrometer in the remote, which is hard to find.  One we have found which we use ourselves and is made by a reliable company and has good user reviews is the LaCrosse Alerts system, which not only has an iPhone app, but which also sends you text and/or email messages when limits are triggered and which can be monitored with any web browser.

And now, let's continue with Step 15:  Turn 'er On and Fill 'er Up!.

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