Fred Brack   Fred Brack  
Raleigh, NC
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Fred Brack Receives ACB/ADP Achievement Award

Fred Brack Receives Award

ACB/ADP Achievement in Audio Description - Media

The following is quoted verbatim from the presentation ...

In the Media category, we are pleased to acknowledge a gentleman who has done a great deal to promote audio description in North Carolina, but also for audio description lovers all over the world!  I’m speaking of our own Fred Brack, webmaster of the Audio Description Project’s website.  Fred has gone above and beyond in his work to both educate, inform, and engage everyone to interact with audio description. He is a tireless advocate of audio description and keeps the ADP website up to date with the latest information on Audio description.

Users of audio description use the website to learn about arts opportunities whether it be in a museum, TV broadcast, DVD, home video and streaming, and much more. Even though the options for audio description have expanded exponentially over the years, Fred keeps up on the information and still is able to update the site constantly.  He has also done an amazing job making sure the website has an important presence on the web. If you go to Google and type in audio description as a search term, the ADP website is consistently at the top of the indexed list as a link on audio description. It gives the ADP an international presence and is one of the leading educational sources on audio description.

Congratulations, Fred!

Chris Gray, Chair, Awards Committee
ACB Audio Description Project
July 8, 2016, Minneapolis, MN