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Michelle's Trip to Australia

Michelle in 1999 In July 1999, Michelle left the USA for Australia, where she completed a semester at James Cook University, located near the Great Barrier Reef in Townsville, Queensland, Australia. She went back for a second semester, returning July 2000. Townsville

What follows is a record of Michelle's experiences during her two semesters in Australia. Her "newsletters" to us are posted below. Michelle can be reached at .  (NOTE:  Some of the offsite links may be broken by now ... sorry.)

July 2000: Michelle is back, having nearly been delayed due to decompession illness experienced while diving, for which she had to spend some time in a hyperbaric chamber! Her planned trip to New Zealand on the way home was shortened due to this problem, but she did spend a few days there. She is spending her summer working for our local veterinarian before returning to Wake Forest University in Winston-Salem, NC, for her senior year.

February 2000: Michelle has returned for a second (and final!) semester. Classes start February 28th, but she had to return early for registration and orientation.

December 1999: Michelle returned home for two months before returning to Australia for a second semester. She worked as a veterinary assistant for our local vet. She liked it so much, she is investigating veterinary schools!

Interested in flying to Australia or the South Pacific? If you are a student, we suggest you contact Peggy at Global Quest International. She was referred to us directly by Qantas airlines. Her number is 888-336-6635. She has been selling students tickets at best prices for years.

Here's a summary of Michelle's first semester experience: