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Memories of WBRU
in the 1960s
Brown University

Here is a collection of vintage show intros, promotions, and PSAs.


Show Intros

Public Service Announcements (PSAs)



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(With the exceptions noted, most of these were voiced by Fred Brack.  If you can find other clips in your archives, send me some recordings!  Several of the clips on this page were contributed by Mark Jordan.)

Note 1:  Mark Jordan writes that "Jo's World" was "a show that some woman from town named Jo used to do, that mixed poetry, early new age music and who knows what together and was sponsored by a club downtown, Senator Kearney’s (paid some bills, I guess).  She had to have someone with license engineer for her."  Then Larry Maier filled in the rest:  "It was I ... I remember listening to the first show and thinking that the choice of music was terrible.  Since the show was sponsored (see we were paid) I though I would volunteer to engineer the show so that I could at least try to slip some good music in.  After that, I engineered every Jo's World.  I have to say in all honesty that there were some stunningly good moments, and some moments that I wished I could be anywhere else.  Jo often took us to Senator Kearney's for free drinks.  I was accused of accepting more than drinks, but can honestly say that those rumors were probably more wishful thinking."  Sam Merrell writes that "Jo was a 20-something divorcé living on the east side with her two daughters, trying like all the rest of us to figure it out, to make sense of the 60's and early 70's. Her last name (married) was Oster -- her last name (maiden) was Ginsberg. (Or maybe Ginzburg.) Never a Brown student that I know of..." Paul Payton's recollections of Jo and the quality of the show were, ah, less generous, and don't need to be quoted!  When Joe Patrick was hired as sales manager, he "agreed with pretty much everyone else at the station that the show was incongruous with the rest of the format ... [and the] show ended shortly thereafter."   (07/05)

Note 2:  Paul writes:  "The signoff song is called 'Image, Part 1,' by Hank Levine & His Orchestra on ABC-Paramount.  It was my 'talk-over' music on my old Sunday night 'Spotlight' show on AM; I think I also used it on FM, till I realized that having talk-over music meant I tended to talk too much!  I've since found out more about this piece - it is called 'Image' because it is the image jingle theme of the former KFWB in Los Angeles (you can sing the call letters to the main hook).  Apparently, they had a variety of musical settings for the hook, and the flip side of the 45 (which I still have) is a rock setting with a twist beat and a growling sax.  By the way, the record is still used as the theme song once a week by a DJ on freeform WFMU in the NYC metro."  (12/04)

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