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Memories of WBRU
in the 1960s
Brown University

Here's a page where we can post group photos of the 60s bunch as they look closer to today.  Email your contributions to Fred!  (Official reunion photos are posted elsewhere.)

Fred, Mark, and Rob
Fred Brack, Mark Jordan, Rob (Bob) Mulholland
(Portland Head Light, July 2016)

June 2003 photo
(L-R) Bob Kuller, Stu Aaronson, John Leistritz, Joe Nardino, Les Blatt, Art Norwalk,
Mike Gradison, Charlie Sokoloff, Pete Tannenwald (June 2003 via Art Norwalk)

September 2002 photo
Three 'BRU people and the rest of the "brothers" in this one, most of whom were frequent visitors to the station.  (L-R) Dr. Don Fletcher '69; Paul Payton '69 (WBRU); (kneeling) Roy Walker '69; Mike Mallory '69; Jim Brennan '69 (WBRU); (kneeling) Dave Voymas '70; and Rob Sloan '69 (WBRU). Taken Labor Day weekend, 2002.

Vito Perillo and Paul Payton
Vito Perillo, Paul Payton, taken summer, 2001, Union Square, New York City

Paul Payton and friends
Paul with Eddie Rambeau ("Concrete and Clay," 1965) and Bud Rehak (co-writer), Oct 2003

David and Adam Blistein
David and Adam Blistein, February 2005

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